FSR - Government Construction Contracting Agency

    Guðrún Ingvarsdóttir
    Chief Executive Officer

Role of FSR 

FSR is a state agency, which is directly under the Ministry of Finance. It has no board members and therefore its management is directly responsible to the Minister of Finance. FSR administers government construction projects and does consulting within feasibility – and demand analysis, project management, procurement, and construction management.


The purpose of FSR is to develop in one place within the public sector specialist knowledge in construction, property procurement, and development. FSR is expected to be a leader in the development of procurement formation and construction methods, as well as in the use of information technology in its field.


FSR aims to champion the management of public construction while the agency promotes new methods and standards within the construction sector. The key objective is to improve methods, efficiency and quality while remaining as kind to nature and society as possible.

Contact information

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Switchboard: +354 569 8900
Fax: +354 569 8901
Opening hours: Week days: 8:30 - 16:00
Government Construction Contracting Agency / Framkvæmdasýsla ríkisins
Borgartúni 7A
105 Reykjavík

ID number: 510391-2259