International Collaboration

Nordic Building Day (NBD)

Nordic Building Day (NBD)/ Nordic Building Forum is a Nordic collaboration platform for housing and construction issues. NBD organises conferences with lectures, exhibitions, field trips and opportunities to meet other professionals. The five Nordic countries have taken turns in organising Nordic Building Day since the start in 1927. The management is put together out of NBD management representatives from each country. Icelandic NBD members/sponsors are government agencies, companies and organisations within housing, construction and city planning. NBD‘s biggest undertaking is to organise Nordic Building Day. The last time it was held was in september 2011 in Helsinki. The last time Iceland hosted the conference was in 2005.

Nordic Built Cities

Nordic Built Cities is a Nordic programme for developing, visualising and exporting Nordic innovative solutions for liveable, smart and sustainable cities. The Nordic Built programme was carried out in the period 2012-2014 with the main focus to accelerate the development of Nordic solutions for sustainable building. 

Nordisk Kontakt om Statsbygninger (NKS)

Nordisk Kontakt om Statsbygninger (NKS) is a collaboration platform between FSR and its corresponding Nordic agencies. Every second year there is a big meeting with representatives from all agencies, the other years solely the five directors meet. Discussed within this network are issues like setup, registration and management of public properties, public-private partnerships, selection of consultants, interaction with media, use of information technology and various challenges within building technology.

Project Management - International Cooperation

FSR paticipates in events organised by the Project Management Association of Iceland (is. Verkefnastjórnunarfélag Íslands), International Project Management Association (IPMA) and Network of Nordic Project Management Associations (NORDNET).

The Workplace Network (TWN)

FSR is a member of The Workplace Network (TWN) which is an global community of senior executives in public-sector real estate. Members are leaders and decision makers from public-sector real estate organizations worldwide: from corporations, institutions and government agencies spanning 17 different countries. Members meet once a year to discuss current issues and future trends in the market and to share ideas, strategies and solutions with each other.